Canvas TV & Radio 4

Watch and listen to Inside Outside


We are proud to announce that the Belgian TV network Canvas will broadcast a portrait of Petra Blaisse in

'De Canvasconnectie'


Sunday, May 4th at 20:40

reruns on Sunday, May 10th at 00:10 and 16:57
The program will show Petra being interviewed in our Amsterdam based studio and follows her around while working on various projects on site; such as the installation of huge new curtains in the central hall of the recently built Rabobank in Sittard by Mecanoo architects, and during the Amsterdam premiere of NARCISSUS for which Inside Outside created the magical scenography.

The Narcissus concert of Sunday 27th April will also be broadcasted on (Dutch) Radio 4, April 30th at 20:00


Including an interview with fragrance expert Tanja Deurloo to let the listeners ‘hear how it smells’.